Where does ejaculate come from in women?

Female ejaculation is the uncontrolled release of a liquid at the moment of orgasm. The amount secreted varies according to the woman and the moment. What is the origin of ejaculation in a woman? 

The genesis of female ejaculation

Although very intense, female ejaculation is today a taboo subject that is little questioned. Until 2014, multiple hypotheses and interpretations were used. Thus, a group of French researchers managed to identify the fluid emitted by the vagina. 

For this, seven women sharing the experience of the secretion of this fluid evacuated their bladders. This was done to avoid any confusion between the two types of ejection. They then masturbated to orgasm under the gaze of an ultrasound scanner. This scanner scanned their bladder. Before and after, the bladder was examined as well as the other ejections.

It was found that the bladder, which was already empty before the stimulation, filled up quickly after the excitement. So it is indeed empty when the fluid is released. However, this fluid in its entirety did not contain uric acid or other components of urine. It remained clear.

How the process works

According to the scientists, two kinds of mechanisms can be triggered. Firstly, the process is triggered by mechanized stimulation of the G-spot and the urethra. In this case, the emissions will not necessarily be considered as an orgy. Apart from this physical stimulation, the role of the brain is also decisive in reaching such a stage of pleasure. Thus, ejaculation can be considered as a reaction in itself, autonomous, not devoid of pleasure.

Secondly, female ejaculation is provoked by a maximum evacuation of signals at the brain level. The stimulation of the G-spot is not necessarily necessary. This observation could clarify the difference in profiles in the perception of the mechanism, its periodicity and its subtle feeling.

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