The top 5 favorite sex positions for women

Couples are constantly looking for new strategies to spice up their sex lives. The best way to do this is to simply try new positrons when reporting them. They can learn more about their respective bodies and spend a moment full of pleasure and sensuality. Here is a top 5 of women’s favorite sexual positions.

Doggy style

Doggy style is one of the most exciting sexual positions there is. The woman, kneeling on the bed, leans forward until her chest is in contact with the mattress. The man, positioned just behind, penetrates her and continues the hip thrusts with violence and sensuality.

It is a position that requires a certain degree of flexibility on the part of the woman and a certain rhythm throughout the act. But with the right technique, you’ll find yourself sweaty, horny and on the verge of covering your beloved’s back in cum.

In a twitch leak, you can see several streamers having their backs blown up and receiving backshots with violence and intensity. Do not hesitate to check this type of video to get an idea of the ideal pace to adopt in this position.

The missionary

Missionary is the most common sexual position in the world. It simply consists of lying on top of your partner, penetrating her and going back and forth. The movements are simple, explicit and terribly effective.

Throughout the entire process, your gaze and that of your loved one do not leave each other. She feels your impulses, your desire for her and your desire to send her to seventh heaven. She also perceives the gentleness of your gestures, your love and your affection. Many consider missionary to be both a simple and classic position. But with the right rhythm and intensity, it can easily become the flame that will bring your relationship back to life.

The 69

69 is a two-faceted sex position. On one side, the man is lying on the bed with his partner’s pussy in his face. On the other, the woman is lying on top of the man, his cock buried inside his throat.

The first takes the time to lick the lips of his beloved, to tickle her clitoris and excite her to the maximum. At the same time, the second drools on her man’s cock, almost chokes on it and does her best to stimulate him as much as possible. Everyone dedicates themselves fully to the pleasure of the other and makes the most of the treat offered to them.

In general, 69 serves as a preliminary to one of the other positions mentioned so far. But in the case of simultaneous orgasm, it is common for partners to just stop there and cuddle for the rest of the evening.

The Andromache

Andromache is a little-known but very often practiced sexual position. Indeed, this term refers to the position in which a woman places herself on her man’s cock and rides him until he cums. It is an act which gives total control of events to the woman and which allows her to impose her periods all night long.

For a successful Andromache, the woman must know how to alternate between slow and intense pace. For a moment, she rocks gently on her man’s cock. The next second, she’s moving frantically, acting as if she’s just lost herself in the pleasure she felt just now. These frenetic variations force the man to stay focused on the moment and lead him to savor every second of their relationship.

Standing penetration

This is a fairly classic variation of doggy style. The only major difference is that here you are standing during the act. At first glance, you are probably saying to yourself that this doesn’t change much. But in reality, this modification gives a completely different meaning to the report itself

When you’re standing, you have a little more control over your erection. As a result, backshots are slower, more intense, and last much longer. So you can alternate and enjoy your evening for a few more minutes.

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