How to recognize a nymphomaniac?

A nymphomaniac is a person who has a sexual appetite that is much higher than normal. What are the signs that can let you know if a person is a nymphomaniac? 

A constant desire for sex

Generally, nymphomaniacs tend to want sex at any time. These people are insatiable for sex. They are always looking for a new person to have sex with. They may even talk about sex constantly or seduce someone to get into bed with them. For these people, the path to pleasure is sex. 

An overactive imagination

A nymphomaniac is always immersed in ideas related to sex, even when they shouldn't be. The mere sight of a banana may arouse urges in this person. The sight of a condom becomes a direct trigger. In their minds alone, these people's days are like a succession of pornographic scenarios.

Taking people as objects 

Nymphomaniacs tend to associate everything with sexual objects. Generally, they like to have more sexual moments. For them, sex is better than having a discussion, an outing or a vacation with their partners. Sex is what their partner is all about. At the end of the day, the partner looks like a sex object. 

Frequency of sexual desire or number of partners

This criterion consists of looking at the number of times your partner might ask for sex in a day. Nymphomaniacs also tend to chain their conquest to the point of not remembering their first name. 

A loss of self-control

Addiction or a great sexual appetite? This point is measured from the behavior of the individual in absence of sex. Very often, a nymphomaniac has difficulty remaining without sex for a long period of time and could go through hell if their desire is not satisfied.