Difference between female fountain and female ejaculation

Men are not the only ones who ejaculate, some women also have this ability. To this day there is confusion between the female fountain and female ejaculation. What is the difference between these two concepts?

Fountain woman

A woman is said to be a "fountain woman" when during sexual intercourse she emits a large quantity (300 milliliters) of liquid in the form of a gush or a trickle. This clear fluid comes from the urethra. It can happen during orgasm or even before.

Some women who have experienced it report that it is an extraordinary experience. For most of them, it has improved their sex life. For others, however, it was an embarrassing, painful and pathological experience. One thing is for sure, the phenomenon implies organizations especially on the side of the sheets and the bedding. What is more embarrassing is that some people confuse it with urine, which is not true.

Female ejaculation

Women have a prostate that weighs between 2 and 3 grams (compared to 20 to 30 grams in men). It is located between the vagina and the urethra and is called the "para-urethral glands" or Skene's glands. The glands produce a fluid similar to that of men. Because of the small size of the prostate, women's ejaculate is no more than 1 milliliter. It often goes unnoticed because it is lost in the vaginal secretions.

Difference between fountain woman and female ejaculation

The difference between fountain woman and female ejaculation is on several levels. It is about :

  • The source: The fluid secreted during ejaculation comes from the prostate glands. The secretion of the female fountain comes from the bladder;
  • The quantity of liquid: Only 1 milliliter of liquid is evacuated during the ejaculation against 300 milliliters in the fountain woman;
  • The mode of expulsion: The secretion is clearly visible in the fountain woman, because it leaves in the form of a jet. The ejaculation is difficult to differentiate from the seminal liquid.

Female pleasure is full of mysteries. This leads some people not to differentiate some phenomena which seem to be similar, but manifest themselves differently.