Does the woman ejaculate too?

When we talk about ejaculation, the first idea refers to a male concept. In this sense, we ignore the fact that women are also capable of emitting ejaculatory fluid during orgasm. This phenomenon is quite particular. But how can it be explained?

What is female ejaculation?

Female ejaculation is the secretions released by the woman's sex during orgasm. It occurs when sexual pleasure reaches its climax. 

Expelled through the urinary meatus, this liquid comes from the Skene glands. These glands are the equivalent of the prostate in men. They generally weigh between 2 and 5 grams for women, 10 times less than their male counterparts. This difference in size already proves the small amount of flow emitted.

However, the secretion is abundant in a minority of women, hence the mystery of fountain women. They produce it in quantity and in particular after an intense excitation.

How does a woman manage to ejaculate?

The phenomenon of ejaculation in women hides many secrets. It is therefore important to understand that to achieve this, adequate stimulation must be provided. At the entrance to the vagina there is a set of nerve endings responsible for arousal: the G-spot.

Whether with a finger or a sexual object, intense stimulation of this point triggers ejaculation. In fountain women, ejaculation is preceded by a huge amount of fluid emanating from the crotch. This fluid comes from the bladder which fills up during the excitement phase. It is expelled under blood pressure while emptying almost all the contents. It is a hot and intense sensation that is worth trying.

What is the composition of ejaculatory fluid?

Unlike semen, female ejaculates have a very specific composition. In fact, it is chemically formed in the same way as urine. That is, urea and diluted creatinine. Despite the fact that it follows the same path as urine, it is distinguished by the absence of any coloring. This liquid also has no noticeable odor.

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